SparkFun RTK Surveyor Hookup Instructions. A monopole designed for cameras is utilized

SparkFun RTK Surveyor Hookup Instructions. A monopole designed for cameras is utilized

Equipment System

The RTK Surveyor was made to partner with low-cost, from the shelf gear. Right here we’ll explain ideas on how to assemble a Rover and Base.


Shown here’s the common RTK Rover set-up. A monopole created for cams is utilized. A mobile phone holder is clamped with the monopod and also the RTK Surveyor try installed. The ?” camera bond of this monopole try adjusted to ?” 11-TPI and a L1/L2 antenna are connected. A Male TNC to men SMA cable tv connects the antenna towards RTK Surveyor. No radio is required because RTCM correction data is provided by a cell phone over Bluetooth.

We’ve completed quite a few tests using u-blox L1/L2 antenna and it is great for all the rates and proportions. Mounted to a ground plate you’ll get good results. It’s just some ungainly when installed to the top of a monopole. We advice the ‘ufo’ style L1/L2 antennas because they need a more substantial antenna factor and a slightly big crushed airplane than the u-blox antenna.

If you are shopping for a monopole (aka monopod), acquire one definitely 65” in length or deeper to make sure that the antenna would be above your head. We’ve have good luck utilizing the Amazon Requirements brand name.

We strongly suggest against using a stiff helical antenna setting as shown below. The RTK Surveyor is certainly not designed for these types of configurations and that can lead to long lasting harm to the antenna connector. The helical antenna gets big lever arm. When the device is actually fell this lever is capable of harming both the SMA connector and the spot where the connector was soldered to the PCB.

If you are buying a cell phone clamp make sure to acquire one that will be compatible with the diameter of the monopole features a knob to boost clamp pressure. Our monopole is 27mm in diameter and we’ve have a good knowledge about this clamp this clamp. Their distance can vary.

If you find yourself receiving RTCM modification facts over a radio website link it’s better if you add a broadcast into straight back for the RTK Surveyor.

Picture-hanging pieces from 3M make a good semi-permanent mount. Connect the 4-pin to 6-pin JST cable incorporated with the RTK Surveyor through the broadcast slot to either of this Serial Telemetry Radios (transported in pairs). We really like these radios because they’re paired outside of the container, either can submit or get (therefore it does not matter which broadcast try mounted on base or rover) and they’ve got amazing number. We achieved over a mile selection (almost 1.5 miles or 2.4km) because of the 500mW radios and a huge 915MHz antenna throughout the base (discover this information for more info).

Temporary Base

A short-term or mobile base set-up needs while in that particular niche past an acceptable limit far from a correction resource and/or cellular reception. A 2nd RTK Surveyor is attached to a tripod and it is designed to perform a survey-in (aka, locate itself), next start broadcasting RTCM correction data. This data (

1000 bytes a moment) is distributed towards owner’s connected radio preference. For our functions, the 915MHz 500mW telemetry radios are employed since they supply what exactly is essentially a serial cable between our very own base and rover.

Any tripod with a ?” digital camera bond is going to work. The Amazon Concepts tripod is effective sufficient it is a bit lightweight and rickety. A mobile phone holder are clamped on the tripod together with RTK Surveyor was held during the clamp. The ?” cam thread are adapted to ?” 11-TPI and a L1/L2 antenna try connected. A Male TNC to men SMA adapter connects the antenna with the RTK Surveyor.

After the base has-been set-up with a very clear view of the sky, go the create change to “Base” and rotate the system on. The red-colored driven will blink for 60-120 mere seconds. As soon as the survey is complete the reddish LED would be consistently lit up and RTCM information will quickly feel transmitted. It is possible to validate this by viewing the LEDs about telemetry broadcast (a tiny red-colored brought will blink when serial data is obtained from the RTK Surveyor). The RTK Surveyor was designed to stick to the u-blox advised survey-in of 1960s and a mean 3D standard deviation of 5m of fixes. If a survey fails to build these criteria it’ll auto-restart after ten minutes.

More pricey surveyor basics need a ?” 11-TPI bond although the surface of the surveyor base can interfere with the antenna’s TNC connector. Should you decide thought we would incorporate a surveyor’s ‘stick’ be sure to acquire a ?” extender dish to raise the antenna no less than an inch.

If you are buying a cell phone clamp be sure to get one which compatible with the diameter of your tripod possesses a knob to increase clamp stress. All of our tripod is actually 18mm in diameter and we’ve got a beneficial knowledge about this clamp. The distance can vary.

Note: a mobile base facility is useful for fast travels to the field. However, the survey-in method is not recommended the finest accuracy measurements since positional accuracy of this base will right translate towards precision of this rover. Mentioned in a different way, in case your base’s calulcated position try off by 100cm, thus will any reading your own rover produces. If you’re looking maximum accuracy consider setting up a static base with solved antenna. We were capable pinpoint the antenna at the top of SparkFun with a great accuracy +/-2mm of accuracy utilizing PPP!

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